Fan Fiction of the X Universe

Year 772 - Argon Prime, Gardna Space Systems Headquarters.

I hate Mondays, technically it wouldn’t be Monday today if i were living by Zuran time, but using the Goner way (which is far more simple) it's Monday.

As soon as I woke this morning I had info-droids scurrying about my room informing me of the weekends dealings with TerraCorp and Terdamis Yulsamar VII Enterprises and basically a thorough report of every Sezura I was away visiting my friend Van Huna on Sandwell. Aaagh, why oh why don’t these droids come with a remote? I temporarily switched off my ears as I stepped into the Cleanser and had myself blasted with Antibacterial spray. I whistled to myself as the droids droned on, casually flicking the heat switch to 7 and enjoying the warm flow of spray wash me all over.


Last update August 12, 2005

Mystery of the Scorpion (.PDF)