Fan Fiction of the X Universe

The universe, my universe will be as strange to those that think they know it as those that don't. Perhaps I have taken on one adventure too many, I don't know.

So you may be asking, 'where am I from?' The world Argon Prime the centre of the Argon civilisation a blue green M-3 class world but that may not be the true origin of our race. There is a religious sect called the Gonar who believe that we came from a place called Earth in the Sol system. Until recently I was inclined to believe it was all hokum however my view on the subject may change but in all probability I will never find out. Although I have co-ordinates it isn't clear if they are current and correct taking into account the number of approximations used. So it is debatable whether I will arrive and if I do then it is by no means certain I'll get there alive. New technologies both alien and untested have been used to make this journey possible.


Last update June 24, 2006

TT1: Trader's Tale (.PDF)
TT2: New Frontier (.PDF)
TT3: The Gate (.PDF)
TT4: Homebound (.PDF)

TT5: A momentary lapse of reason (work in progress)

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